Here are just a few of the comments people have made regarding their experiences at Oregon Raceway Park.

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It was my firs time at ORP and what can I say — this is exactly what the NW needs. Kudos to the ownership group for what has been accomplished so far. I will absolutely be back (as much as my wife will allow). I know the facility is a work in progress but I found it to be a fine facility as it stands. Thank you for having the vision and the balls to do something about it.

If you are reading this and have not been to ORP yet — I would tell you that one day at ORP is better than 2 days at PR/PIR. Truly a ‘field of dreams – if you build it, they will come’ feeling about it. I only wish it was closer to Seattle


I attended the last Palatov event at ORP and I have never seen so much quality track time. Lots of clean open track, people that know how to ride and a fun challenging track to top it off. I will certainly be out there on the 27th and other dates Palatov is offering. For those that have not seen the track do a quick Google search and check out one of the many videos people have posted. This track is fun. It has lots of altitude changes, with 14 corners in 2.3 miles!


The course surface has been refined and it is completely ‘seam free’


I love this track, very technical, no rest time. Just like a big autocross. Several downhill braking zones, off camber turns, not too much speed…top is about 100mph in the front straight. I shot video in only one session on Saturday, the first day. Running about 8/10′s. Working on lines and braking zones. My brakes were not the best on this weekend, very mushy pedal, too much throw, no feel at all. Also had a tad too much rear bias, especially in the down hill braking zones. You will see I had a “moment” entering the front stretch around the high speed off camber corner where the pit wall starts. Near as I can tell, I was distracted by the smoking NSX, checking for oil on the track and not quite focused on the task at hand. I got several “atta boys” after the run session as everyone else that got loose there went off or hit the wall. Many spectators in that area.

I highly recommend a trip out to this venue, about 2 hours east of Portland. Our HPDE group ran a smooth show and everyone had a blast.


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