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Our reservation process is one of the easiest anywhere. For the best choice of open days, call or email use with your date requests today. We are looking forward to seeing you this season.

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William D. Murray Let me offer you a chance to learn from a mistake I made.

A couple of years ago at one of our Oregon Raceway Park Club events, I was asked by one of our members to drive him a couple of laps in his new 500 + H.P. Z-28 in order to give my opinion of the car and perhaps glean some useful driving advice to pass on to him (He had already proven to be a very competent driver in the two other “Ground Pounders” he owned). Seats and mirrors adjusted, belts tight, instrument location and readings checked we were waived out onto the course. A full visual scanning to be sure we had no one in our vicinity I gave the steering a couple of Left /Right inputs to check the feel, responsiveness and ratio of the steering (really quick). Down into the braking area of 14 (a big downhill sweeper) I break early and excessively to satisfy myself that those huge rotors will supply all the stopping power I suspected they would. Squeezing down on the throttle at the exit and up “The Big Dipper” with a hearty whine from the supercharger WOW! This is going to be fun. Breaking for 13 (an ascending right-hander) and turning in sharply enough to provide some extra room to unwind for the anticipated throttle induced overseer on the exit which will set me up perfectly for a full power-out rocket trip down the North Straight…. That is when the wheels came off my plan. The yaw sensor detected that something was amiss having been left in the “going to the the grocery store” setting. The computer applied the left rear brake just as the stability control cut the power to a fraction. In an agonizing instant we were up over the FIA Curb and driving through the dirt adjacent to what should have been a flowing full throttle exit. Tony, I asked rather sheepishly, would it be OK if we turned off the nannies? Moral of this story: To keep from looking like a buffoon to your student and everyone else watching, heed this advice. As you are buckling yourself behind the wheel of a student’s car and downloading to your brain the basic operating information for the vehicle (such as 6 speed or paddle shift) be sure to verify the setting of the electronic stuff that separates you from the car. If you chose to turn it off or not, at least know where it is set so you are not surprised when you find yourself removed from the driving equation and looking like an incompetent jackass. Tony was very apologetic, but I was diving, and it was my responsibility to have checked it before we left the pits.
O.R.P. Instructor training, classroom and on-course is Saturday, March 16th Highly experienced or new to instructing join us. Preregister now with Brenda at the track office 541-333-2452. The event announcement and pricing will be out soon. For those that are not yet ready to step into the instructor role and your track day friends Team Continental is having a Conference sanctioned Driver Training on March 30th.


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