O.R.P. Update

As we get into the fall it will rain some time, but it is rare (they call it dry land wheat farming for a reason).
When it does rain it usually blows through and dries quickly, so don’t wait it out, enjoy it.
If we are lucky enough to get some, use it to fine tune your skills.
As a learning / teaching tool rain provides the best opportunity to acquire a sense for the subtleties of the information the four contact patches are trying to tell you.
Rain teaches finesse.
You can often learn at 30 M.P.H. in a downpour what you need to go130 to learn in the dry so the consequences of an off track are usually minimized.
The lessons come cheap at O.R.P; mud washes off, there is not much to hit.
Open car? If you get soaked, we have hot chocolate. We also have rental racers.

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Our reservation process is one of the easiest anywhere. For the best choice of open days, call or email use with your date requests today. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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