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Our reservation process is one of the easiest anywhere. For the best choice of open days, call or email use with your date requests today. We are looking forward to seeing you this season.

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Murray’s rule #2: At speed the present is already history. Only the future exists, The faster you go, the farther ahead you have to think. Rule # 3: In marriage, investing and auto racing, fortune favors those that get their information early. Keep your eyes up and your sensory inputs open. Rule # 8: The primary function of the brain is not to think, it is to learn to master things that at speed you don’t have time to think about. (B.Y.W. March 2019: STAR Projects Instructor School at Oregon Raceway Park Track Office 541-333-2452, Call to get on preregistration list).


ORP Club Days, Oct. 27 & 28

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ORP Club Membership
Oregon Raceway Park Club (ORPC) is a limited membership offering of private track days. Free from crowds, members enjoy the leisure of an open track format and flexibility of choosing from 20 prime season days. Club information is under the ORP Club tab or give us a call with any question at (541) 333-2452.
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