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Facilities to Date

  • Road Course: 2.3 Mile Road course (excluding two cross-over roads) minimum 40 ft wide
  • Upper Tier Paddock: 540′ length and 140′ width
  • Pre-grid: 145′ length and 180′ width
  • Hot Pit Lane: 1,100′ length
  • Altitude: High: 2,340 ft
  • Altitude: Low: 2,200 ft
  • Camp Ground: Dry camping (available upon pre-approval)
  • Bathrooms: 6 Porta-potties (more available)

Track Map

Upcoming Events
Unscheduled ORP Club Day
Just a reminder that any combination of members and guest numbering 5 or more may request an unscheduled Club day on any open available date on the ORP Calendar. Requires 72 hours (3 day) or more advance notice.
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